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Common Oklahoma City Foundation Problems in Homes

When the foundation of a home slides or becomes offset, this can cause the walls and overall structure of a home to become crooked. This is not a good thing, since the integrity of the home relies on the integrity of the foundation that is holding it all in place. When this shifts, so does the entire house, causing more problems than you can think of.

What Causes These Foundation Problems?

In Oklahoma, the rainy weather that comes and goes, mixed with the soft soil and the other outside factors can cause the homes to shift with time. Pair this with poor plumbing systems and grading when the home was built and the foundation did not have a chance. This causes the foundation to fail with time and may sink into the ground further.

Symptoms of a Failed Foundation

When a foundation of a home is not in the best shape possible, then you need to consider the symptoms that the home might experience. If you notice any of these symptoms, it is best to give us here at OKC Foundation Repair a call to have an assessment done.

Interior Symptoms

  • Sloping or uneven floors throughout
  • Cracks in the walls, floors and ceilings that continue to get larger
  • Walls that bow inwards
  • Floors that sag over a crawl space
  • Windows and doors that are hard to open or completely close and lock

Exterior Symptoms

  • Cracks on the outside exterior walls of the home
  • Chimneys that tilt
  • Creeping streets

All Repairs Start with a Thorough Inspection

With the Oklahoma weather changing so often, it ­ no wonder that the grading being done for the homes is not able to hold the foundation together. With this being said, it is important to consider an inspection of the foundation on the home, even if you do not notice any of these larger symptoms or signs in your home. Being cautious and careful is never a bad thing.

Our inspection process provides you with a checklist and in depth note section providing more information about the various areas of your foundation that may require work. With this information, our foundation repair company is then able to provide a more accurate, in depth quote for the repairs that are required.

Our inspection process is the best out there - allow us to handle everything for you, so you can rest assured knowing the foundation issues are taken care of when they need to be.


Always Trust in Professional

When it comes to trusting in professionals, you have to ensure that you’re hiring a company that understands the Oklahoma foundations throughout the area. This is because without the help of a knowledgeable professional, many of the repairs that need to be done might go overlooked

This is not going to be us. We provide thorough inspections to ensure that your foundation is repaired when it needs to be. We know that the foundation of the home is an important aspect that holds it in place, which is why we need to be thorough to make sure all of our clients living inside the homes are safe to do so.

You can trust in us for all of your foundation repairs needed, just give us a call and we can help you!

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